Dog Selection 

Whether you’re considering adopting a new puppy or an adult dog, I can help you understand breed and individual characteristics so you can choose the best dog for a long and valued friendship. Consulting on breed selection and evaluation of individual animals is provided on an hourly basis.

New Dog Integration

Once you’ve selected your new companion, introducing and integrating the dog into your household is critical, and what you do in the first few weeks lays the groundwork for a positive bond with your dog. My exercise, feeding and socialization exercises help you establish a process early on that leads to good dog citizenship. Dog integration services are provided on an hourly basis in your home. Typical consultations last from one to three hours.

Problem Resolution

“If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always gotten.” Author Unknown

If your dog has an annoying or dangerous behavior that has gotten out of hand, you may have trouble identifying the root cause or addressing the problem. I can work with you in your home (or wherever the problem occurs) and develop a specific plan to address the cause of the issue and correct the behavior. An initial assessment and 40 days of subsequent email and phone follow-ups are provided to establish new constructive habits and routine. Priced on an hourly basis with typical consultations lasting from two to six hours.

Group Therapy

For dogs with socialization problems, there is no quicker way to regain social skills and life balance than working with a group of calm, socialized dogs. Structured walk, play and calm times comprise the basis of this therapy. After an initial assessment, this service is priced on a per-walk, weekly or monthly basis.

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