You know the dogs when you see them – self-confident and assured, relating well to their owners and to other dogs. They bark (it’s what dogs do), but never excessively. They greet visiting guests with a wag of the tail or quick sniff, but rude behaviors like jumping, excessive barking or uninvited licking seem foreign to them. They come when called and are a joy to be around. In short, they are good canine citizens.


At Citizen Kanine, the goal is to create great dog citizens and happy owners by providing the tools and knowledge needed to create a bonded relationship. Just like relationships between people, the relationship between each owner and dog is unique, and to determine which methods will be most effective, I take the time to get to know both you and your dog. My techniques involve the use of positive reinforcement, although corrections may need to be employed for extreme behaviors. Most importantly, the Citizen Kanine philosophy involves the training of both dog and owner for long-term results.

Photo courtesy of Vance Gellert

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