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Fall Dogs

Here is a photo of the crew enjoying the pleasant fall weather after a long walk at Java Jacks.  Don, a regular patron, supervises.


Fall Dogs

IMG_1879Here is a photo from yesterday with the morning group. We have waited for a beautiful fall day and this was it. Everyone enjoyed the mild temps and tasty sticks.

Good Dog, Smart Dog

There was a great article in the New York Times last week that pondered dog intelligence ( The question that I walk away with after reading the article is what really is intelligence. Dogs perceive the world differently than we do so why is it incumbent on them to comply with our version of intelligence? As human beings we have as a gift animals that have existed with us synergistically and have developed an awesome range of skills as witnessed by the therapy dog in the article. One can refer to their skills however we might like but to dismiss their intelligence is to sell them short.
Stanley Coren, a researcher referenced in the piece, was a presenter at a training conference that I attended last year in Austin TX. He is a bit of an eccentric guy and great presenter. He has done intriguing research on dog communication and had really good materials.
I continue to stand in awe of the new things that we learn daily about our canine companions.

Equal Opportunity Fishing Dock

IMG_0126It was a rainy day out and about today. I have been traveling to North Dakota and returned to the rain that we left two days ago. It was nice to be out with the dogs again and we spotted this odd site at Lake Harriet. This is the fishing dock just west of the Bandshell. The eagle seemed soaked and hungry. There was a small pocket of 5-6 ducks tucked into the right side of the fishing dock. The eagle would jump up and fly over the group while they scattered then return to its perch. Amazing the things one sees in the middle of the city…

The fountain seemed redundant – One week later

IMG_1820The picture from last week made it appear like a lush rainforest.  Well, things change.  As of October 12th we already have the 7th snowiest October on record.  Here is a photo from Monday with our new guest – Snow.  I don’t know that I have seen many fountains operating in the snow but the fountain in the Rose Gardens was still in operation.  Big Rocco, the Newfoundland, loved sprawling out and getting reacquainted.

The fountain seemed redundant

The National Weather Service gave an official measurement of 1.6 inches of rain on Tuesday. There are times when the rain will come in waves and a walk can be squeezed into a dry time. No such luck on Tuesday. It rained all day, steady, very needed and appreciated.

IMG_1810For those that are not familiar with the Minneapolis Parks System this is the fountain at the Rose Gardens.  There was something really amazing about the light and colors with the rain.  The photo really does not do justice to the great colors and panoramic gardens.  Once again kudos to the founders of the parks.  These are a precious resource for the city and all area residents.

A lost dog returns home

Fall has definitely arrived. We had temps in the 50’s with high winds and leaves blowing everywhere. The wind can have an unsettling effect on all the critters out and about and today the wind worked its magic.

There were 13 dogs in the morning crew and we were walking around Lake Harriet when a woman jumped out of her car and asked “are you Curtis?”. She then told me that one of my afternoon clients dogs had run away and they were looking everywhere. I quickly recalculated my route and took the crew up the parkway to join the search.
Before long we ran into another searcher who indicated that the dog had been seen several blocks north. We walked alleys and side streets until I took notice of the wind. We were directly down wind of the dogs home and I thought we may try to see if the dog had made a dash home while everyone was out and about. I ran into the owner and the person who was caring for her when she bolted about two blocks from home and we compared notes. I was in the process of outlining my theory about the dog running home when suddenly she came bolting down the street to everyones amazement.
Tears of joy were shed and we took a moment to give thanks for her safe return. I was happy to be a part of reunion.