Good Dog, Smart Dog

There was a great article in the New York Times last week that pondered dog intelligence ( The question that I walk away with after reading the article is what really is intelligence. Dogs perceive the world differently than we do so why is it incumbent on them to comply with our version of intelligence? As human beings we have as a gift animals that have existed with us synergistically and have developed an awesome range of skills as witnessed by the therapy dog in the article. One can refer to their skills however we might like but to dismiss their intelligence is to sell them short.
Stanley Coren, a researcher referenced in the piece, was a presenter at a training conference that I attended last year in Austin TX. He is a bit of an eccentric guy and great presenter. He has done intriguing research on dog communication and had really good materials.
I continue to stand in awe of the new things that we learn daily about our canine companions.

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