Catching Up

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. I will try to catch up on some of the highlights.

A different kind of urban wildlife
Two weeks ago we had an interesting sighting on our morning outing. It started with more sirens noise than I have heard in years. I was trying to get a bearing on the source of the sound thinking it was a fire in the area when an Edina squad car came bolting down the one lane, one way lake drive the wrong way. Now Edina squads are rarely seen in Minneapolis and this guy was lit up and followed by an assortment of squads all in a hurry to get somewhere. A quick glance on frozen lake Harriet provided their target, a big red four wheel drive truck ripping across the lake. Shortly the sirens stopped and it appeared that the truck was able to make a successful escape from the lake, evading the 30 cruisers trying to stop it.

The coldest time of the year
january-17-2008.jpgWe are entering the period of the year when we statistically expect our coldest weather. This week has not disappointed. Today we had gusty conditions with a temperature of +5F at the conclusion of walk. It is a bit hard to provide an image of what cold looks like but here is Big Rock with the frost from the day. What is funny is that we were standing in a brisk wind and all of the other dogs had their tongues firmly in their mouths but not the big guy. He lives for this time of year.

january-15-2008.jpg One of side benefits of really cold weather is that typically it is bright and clear. The photo here was shot on Tuesday when the high was around 10. Once again windy and cold but we found a sunny spot for conclusion of the walk. While this almost looks like it could have been shot in the summer, the spacing between dogs is a giveaway. Everyone likes to stay nice and close in the cold weather!


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