The Big Boys

scout-and-brodie.jpgI just love this photograph. These are two approximately 100 lb. male dogs with dominance issues on our cool down from Monday afternoon. Scout and Brodie both have had problems interacting with other male dogs (oh yeah, the black dog in the foreground is a 125 lb. male as is the blue merle dog in the background). Group therapy has done wonders for their states of mind. We have high expectations that dogs maintain a calm controlled manner in the group and here is visual evidence of the result (plus 4 miles of running).

There were a few dogs that doubled up on Monday and put in over 8 miles on the streets and sidewalks. I used Pam non-stick cooking spray on their paws before we started and none of them showed any sensitivity from the salt, snow and ice. They enjoyed the pad massage that came when the spray was first applied too!

64 dog miles Monday, 40 on Tuesday and 55 today with over 2,478 since tracking began.


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