Firmly into winter

south-beach-dec-13.jpgWith two good snowfalls under our belt, winter (even though it is still officially fall) has arrived. The city does a great job clearing the public walks around the lakes. This week has been busy with big groups every day. Here is our group from Thursday.

One of the classic challenges of winter in the city is keeping dogs paws in good shape.  The salt and other chemicals used on ice can irritate paws.  There are plenty of solutions to try from booties to over the counter treatments (Musher’s Secret, Bag Balm, Vaseline), to paw friendly sidewalk chemicals.  From calls this week, no, there is no magic solution to keeping booties on a dogs feet.  Vet Wrap can help but is a huge hassle to apply every time you go out.  Try to avoid any visible salt and puddles.  I read a tip on a bulletin board about Pam (the non stick cooking spray).  I plan to give it a try to see if it helps.

But can that dog hunt? On Wednesday the temperatures were in the single digits in the morning and we were treated to a cool winter phenomenon, sun dogs. They look like symmetrical short chunks of a rainbow without the high arch. I take them as a great cue to dress warm. Needless to say; that dog can’t hunt a lick!
200 dog miles this week with over 2,283 since tracking began.


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