the-corner-gang-2.jpgThe snow and cold weather have arrived. The Snow started on Saturday morning and continued through early Sunday. On Sunday night I got in a run around Lakes Harriet and Calhoun and water was open and full of migrating ducks. On Monday morning the water was hard. The dedicated Muskie fisherman that we passed everyday by the band shell have finally had to put their fishing rods away. Here is the crew at the end of the walk by our corner market.

The circle of life

duck-on-ice.jpgAs we walked west of the band shell on Lake Harriet there was a juvenile bald eagle circling above the shore line. I thought it a bit strange since eagles typically relate to open water and the lake had frozen over on Sunday night. Just past the duck resting area on the south west corner of the lake I noticed an American Coot on the ice. Initially I thought it may have been frozen in but there were several others sitting tight to the shoreline with this guy. Coots are divers and I have seen a flock evade an eagle attack in the past by diving as the predator swooped in, however this group had a distinct disadvantage with the ice covered lake. They also require a long stretch of open water to get airborne so returning to flight will be a serious challenge. I hope they didn’t wait too long for this leg of their migration.

33 dog miles today, 36 on Monday, and 40 on Friday with over 2,083 since tracking began.


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