Ladies at the lake

ladies-at-the-lake.jpgI don’t know that a more perfect day could have been ordered. With temperatures in the 60’s it was an ideal day for walking the group. The crowd at lake Harriet was much larger that usual and we stopped to chat with several people who had questions (and to prolong the beautiful day). The ladies at the left wanted to take a picture of the dogs with a cell phone but were having problems with the light. I offered to take a picture with my camera and send them a copy, they were generous in letting me use the shot for my blog so it was a win – win deal.

As the weather cools, the big Newfoundland, Rocco, gains energy. Throughout the year he is always looks longingly at Lake Harriet hoping for a swim. Today he got his chance. As we were exiting the lake his lead slipped off the caribiner which is usually not a problem (the dogs can bear not to be with the pack). Today he took advantage of his liberty and made a bee line for the lake. At first I was nervous that I would have to join him in his swim but as quickly as he jumped into the lake he was out and back with the pack.

40 dog miles today, 32 Monday, with over 1,515 since tracking began


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