Back from North Dakota

Every fall I travel with a group of  guys and dogs to North Dakota to hunt.  I have just returned from my second trip and, as usual, am tired and filled with great memories of friends old and new.  While the migration is not in full swing we still saw some of the early and mid season travelers.  Large flocks of Ducks (Teal, Mallard, Ring bill, Red Head, Pin Tail, Widgeon to name just a few) Geese, Swans, Cranes as well as Pheasants kept us and the dogs fully occupied.

As always, the highlight of the trip was the dog work.  From flushing pheasants and partridge to handling a blind retrieve on ducks, seeing the joy that dogs bring to work is fantastic.  There was no doubt that they wanted to work.  Seeing them fulfill their genetic predisposition makes the trip all the more rewarding.


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