The Dog Days of August

It’s been a while since my last update, so I’ve got some catching up to do. We’ve been dealing with high humidity and warm temperatures over the last week, so we’ve had to adjust the number and duration of our walks. Last week at the coffee shop, a client summed up the weather quite nicely with the comment “I want to go lay down on the cool cement next to the dogs.”

me-and-mini-me.jpgWe had two different groups out today. The earlier group had six dogs, and we walked in the relative cool of the morning for five miles. Young Cash joined the group and we continued to work on his aggression towards other dogs. He started the walk wonderfully and things were progressing nicely, so we completed the whole lake walk, along with some “extra credit” miles. He had one outburst as we passed two dogs that were stopped on the walking path, but, after a quick correction, we were back in good citizenship form for the rest of the lake. When we saw the owners of one of the dogs on the other side of the lake, they stopped and commented positively on the correction and on the behavior of the group in general (whew!). The photo above is of Cash (r) and Oliver, a.k.a. Me and Mini Me.

Here is a table summarizing our mileage for the last week and a half:


Dog Miles

Monday 8/6/07


Tuesday 8/7/07


Wednesday 8/8/07


Thursday 8/9/07


Friday 8/10/07


Monday 8/13/07


Tuesday 8/15/07


Wednesday 8/16/07




1,239 miles since tracking began.


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