A Rewarding Day

Some days make this job really rewarding.  Today was one of those days.  Shannon is a local postal carrier who, like most carriers, has had several scrapes with the dogs on her route (a number of whom are presently in the group).  As we arrived at our rest stop for the day, she was delivering mail to the coffee shop.  Without hesitation, she came over and asked if she could pet the dogs.  I asked her if she would only provide affection to the dogs if they maintained a calm disposition and kept their sit, stay.  It was a site to see, a letter carrier in full uniform with a bag full of letters petting a group of 8 dogs!

Shanon has also provided great help in socializing and rehabilitating dogs.   On several occasions she has allowed me to shadow her with a small group to acclimate them to the activity and noises of a postal carrier.  Creating a positive relationship between your dog and letter carrier is a critical component of young dog socialization.

32 miles today with 659 since tracking began


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