Calm dogs = calm dog

During a brief water break by South Beach on Lake Harriet we met a great young citizen in training. A woman from Apple Valley had come up with her 6 month old Shetland to walk around the lake with friends. After filling the collapsible bowl and watering all of the dogs individually (there were 8 dogs in the group today), the young dog arrived for a water break. The group maintained their down, stay position while young dog settled in within 5 feet for a cool bowl of water. During the entire process neither the young dog or the group showed the slightest bit of anxiety, all were calm and relaxed. The dog’s owner indicated that they had attended puppy classes and were planning to sign up for the next series of classes for more socialization and instructions on heeling. This is a great example of both wonderful management and development from a first time dog owner.

I also heard a story today about a bad example of dog management. One of the regular group participants was out with his owner when they encountered a Yellow Lab. The dog was clearly agitated and in a crouching position. The Lab’s owner dropped the dog’s lead while asking if her dog could say hello. Not surprising, the dog sprung up and attacked the other dog. The Lab’s owner attempted to apologize after the attack and indicated that she didn’t expect her dog to respond that way (even though the dog had given a very clear cues with crouching behavior). She had done a poor job of checking and correcting her dog’s body language before allowing the two to meet.

32 dog miles today with 555 since tracking began.


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