Interesting questions

Whenever I am out with the dogs I like to find areas with lots of activity. Most days you will find us on Minnehaha Parkway or at one of the Minneapolis lakes because of the number of animals and people. Like most days, today’s group of 8 dogs attracted attention and lots of questions. Today I was asked “What would you do if you saw a rabbit?”. My response was, The dogs will get to see a rabbit, just like we see squirrels, ducks, baby carriages, skateboarders, roller bladers, and runners every day (although last week we did get a special siting of a barred owl).

The key is the way that we respond to the distraction. If dogs are allowed to act on their “prey” instinct while walking they can become nearly unmanageable regardless of the type of lead you are using. One of the dogs in today’s group had pulled down his owner chasing a squirrel when I first met him. Today we walked within 5 feet of a squrrel on a tree and nobody missed a step.

Vance Gellert took some incredible photographs last week and has generously allowed me to have them scanned and added to the site. He is a true artist and very generous person to shoot our group session on one of the hottest days last week. Thanks Vance!

36 dog miles today with 495 since tracking began


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