Cash in

curtisncash2.jpgWe started a new member in the group today, Cash.  He is a great young Pit Bull with some very early other dog aggression signs.  His owners wanted to be responsible and nip the problem in the bud and get him back in Good Citizen form ASAP.  His day started with an early walk with his owner, followed by a solo run of just over a mile with me. Then we slowly introduced Ruby, Oliver and Reggie into the mix.  Initially this was a great deal of excitement for young Cash but we got walking at a good clip and soon his attention shifted away from the dogs walking next to him and focused on staying up with the pack.  We encountered several dogs on what I planned to be a short swing by Lake Harriet.  Things were going so well that we walked around the lake and had several great opportunities to help him to understand the expectations that we had for him.  By the time we  were walking toward home he was walking by oncoming dogs with hardly a notice.  We cooled down on his home lawn and he was able to relax in the grass with the calm dogs from the group.  The day went well but we still have to put in some time to reinforce the positive behaviors that he was able to model today.  Without question, Cash is well on his way.

18 dog miles today with 459 since tracking began.


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