Training Opportunity

Training opportunities can come at unusual times. Today during the group cooldown there was an excellent training situation for Oliver, a puggle that is just over a year old. There was a late model car that parallel parked in a space near the dogs cool down spot. The car made some classic old car noises. To help the person trying to park the car, a Harley owner with modified pipes fired up his bike to move it for the car attempting to park. Most of the dogs were relaxed through this process but when the bike started, Oliver reached his limit. He reacted in an anxious way and got up and tried to bolt. The natural human reaction to a situation like this would be to attempt to comfort or provide affection to the dog in their anxious state. That is exactly the wrong response. He was returned to the center of the 6 calm dogs and placed back in the down, stay that he had been in before the commotion erupted. Only after he had regained his composure and a reasonably calm state did he receive some affection.

Addressing anxiety is especially important for young dogs because if it is not resolved it will build and will resurface in many unexpected and undesirable ways. Storms, loud noises, wrinkling paper and doorbells among others can all serve as cues that trigger anxiety. If you are not around to address the anxiety when it occurs, it can spiral into frustration and aggression. Use opportunities when they present themselves and soon your dog will be a calm character and great citizen.

28 dog miles today with 441 since tracking began.


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